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AR SDK fullscreen (continue playing video fullscreen)

Jochem Rommens Jul 06, 2015


I was wondering if there is an easy way to continue playing a video fullscreen (so in the native video player) after double tapping it or when tapping a button?

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Alex Torrents

Jul 08, 2015

Hi Jochem,

We have a sample for Android only, but for iOs is similar.

In this link show how to play a video fullscreen, in the method trackingLost(), change it for onClick() for button or GestureDetector for double tap.

For iOs is similar, you need detect the event and navigate to a new view.


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Jochem Rommens

Jul 08, 2015

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your reply!
I'm gonna try and implement it in my app.

Best regards,

Jochem Rommens
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Nov 23, 2015


This is of importance to me. But the link is broken. Please assist.
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Miquel Ferrarons

Nov 25, 2015

Hi Han,

What you propose can be done but the SDK does not offer a clean and simple interface to do it. I will just give you some hints of what you could do:

You will have to do two things:

1. Keep drawing the contents of the item when the tracking is lost :
Use the method ’setDrawsOffTracking() from the class CraftARItem. By doing it , the contents will keep drawing even if the tracking is lost.

2. Modify the item’s pose (translation + rotation) at the ‘trackingLost’ event, so the contents are rendered as if it was full-screen.


The item Rotation and Translation specify the position where the Marker was found in the frame. You should have to emulate the parameters that make it look like it’s full-screen. To have an idea of what values you should use, you could use the methods CraftARItemAR.getItemRotation() and CraftARItemAR.getItemTranslation() . Place the marker in a position that makes the video show in full-screen, and write down the values of the rotation and translation at that moment. Then, you can re-use those values at the trackingLost() event, so the video will be rendered with that pose.


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Nov 26, 2015

hi Miquel,

Thank you for the reply.

ok the proposed solution is quite involving. Maybe if i can get the urlHyperLink of the video then i can forward the url to another viewController then have it played full screen. The issue is that urlHyperLink method returns null for all videos. Any idea why?

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Luis Martinell

Nov 27, 2015

Hello Han,

The Hyperlink URL is null because video contents don’t have a hyperlink URL by default (when created through the CraftAR Creator). You can, though, set a Hyperlink URL through the Management API.

I suggest you review this article for more details.

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