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scans counted even if objects not found

Giriraj ar May 16, 2018


I am trying with the html5 javascript api's, it was working fine couple of weeks before but now when i click on scan even with 'Object not found' message the total scans count are incremented by 3 but there is no respective count increment found for any image targets.

I deleted the existing tokens and created new ones, even then no change.

Kindly someone clarify

Giriraj ar

May 16, 2018

Even when I try with catchoom's provides demo token 'catchoomcooldemo' I find under the network tab 3 consecutive search requests [] fired. Is there some issue with the platform?

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Luis Martinell

May 18, 2018

Hi Giriraj,

This sounds like you are triggering the Finder mode search. In this mode, the library sends images to the Craftar API until you get a successful response. All images sent count as scans, even if nothing was found.

How did you test this? Can you share the site with us?


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Giriraj ar

May 21, 2018

Hello Luis,

1. I am trying with the 'capture' example mentioned in this link

2. Integrated the same in a sample project and this is the link to access

3. If by default the 'Finder mode' is enabled, let me know how to turn if off and enable the 'single shot' mode.

4. Just curios to know why the 'Finder mode' counts 3 scans even in case it do not find anything ?

Giriraj AR
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Luis Martinell

May 23, 2018

Hi Giriraj,

You can check how to use the Finder mode or the single shot search mode in the documentation:

It is basically calling a different method to trigger the search. The single shot search, will just send one image in a query and result in a single scan. The finder mode, sends one query every 500ms + request round trip, depending on the network bandwidth and latency.

Regarding the scans. We count as a visual scan every image that is sent to the Recognition API. If the query is successful, then we count it as a recognition.

Best regards,


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