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OnDeviceRecognition - can CraftARSDKConfig be downloaded separately?

Simon Feb 03, 2018

We are integrating on-device recognition as a feature within an existing app. The existing app is already quite large, at around 80MB, and the image recognition feature is part of an "optional extra" component rather than the main purpose of the app. Therefore we want to minimise the impact of adding this feature on the initial apk download size. If I remember correctly, apks on Play store can't go above 100MB.

When zipped, the native and Java libraries for on-device recognition on Android add about 3.5 MB per platform (we can use apk splits so we don't need to bundle all the architectures in one apk). The collection bundle can already be downloaded separately and loaded from a file anywhere on the device.

The biggest contributor to app file size however is the CraftARSDKConfig file, which is 10.2MB (7.2 MB when zipped). I can't see any APIs to specify a path for this file, and all the integration guides talk about placing this in the assets folder. Is there any way of having this file downloaded on demand to reduce the impact on initial app download size?

Thanks for any advice,


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Luis Martinell

Feb 05, 2018

Hi Simon,

I’m afraid the only option for using the on-device recognition for now is to have this file inside the apk. We can consider other options for the future.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Feb 09, 2018

Thanks for the response Luis.

I was looking through logcat of another app and came across the following line:
CraftAR On-Device Image Recognition SDK 1.4.2: CraftARSDKConfig not found. Extracting it from assets...

That suggests that it doesn't read the file directly from the assets folder but extracts it somewhere else (presumably somewhere in the app's private folder). If that's the case then on android at least it may be possible to download it separately and put it in the same place it gets extracted into?
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( Agent )
Luis Martinell

Feb 12, 2018

Hi Simon,

It is copied to the root of the default storage directory (getFilesDir), if this helps you.

Best regards,

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