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Deleting an application (id) -- how? Why isn't it exposed in the Management API?

Brian H. Mayo Nov 24, 2017

Over the course of my extensive work with CraftAR I've created many different applications - all but two I never use and are noise at this point.

I am making extensive use of the Management API and having the extra noise of dead application IDs is something I would like to remove.

There is no "delete" verb in the Management API for Applications. How can I remove old, dead, and no longer wanted application IDs? It would seem to be a simple aspect to the RESTful API for management, so I am assuming there is a reason why it isn't being exposed.

Thank you.

-Brian M.

1 Community Answers

Best Answer
Kristoffer Pantic

Dec 04, 2017

Hi Brian,

It’s not exposed on purpose. It’s hasn’t been a very common situation for users to want to delete them and the consequences of unintentionally deleting an AppID can be somewhat catastrophic if the user has created multiple bundles, collections or Apps associated with the AppID. But, we’re looking into adding that feature in the near future in a way that it’s obvious what the consequences will be.

In the meantime, if you want, I can delete all the unused AppIDs on your account if you let me know the ones you want to keep.


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