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singleShotMode search timeout

Brian H. Mayo Nov 06, 2017

In my project I am implementing both modes of image recognition: single shot and finder.

For the single shot search mode, when the CraftARSDK.singleShotSearch() method is called, the expected next response is a call into the implemented delegate methods: didGetSearchResults or didFailSearchWithError (Swift).

Here is my issue... if I send an image in that does not provide in a search result what is suppose to happen next? My assumption is that there should be a time out that can be set. For example, with capture activated and then a call to singleShotSearch, the image is sent to the searchController. If this image is not resolving to any result, there should be a configurable time out value, like 3 seconds, that when reached will trigger a delegate call to let me know.

So, the question/request is this .. how do I handle this? If I send a frame to the search controller how can I recover if I don't get a call back to one of the delegate methods didGetSearchResult or didFailSearchResult.

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Luis Martinell

Nov 06, 2017

If you are using singleShot search, you will always get the didGetSearchResult callback with a list that can be empty.

I the case of the finder mode, you’ll only get the callback if the list contains at least one matched item.

We provide a method to search passing a timeout value. This method will keep sending images until something is found or the time is over. It is called startFinderWithTimeout…

Best regards,

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