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image recognition count results

David Nov 01, 2017

I have to scan one and more bottles. That works so far. But I need the count of founded results. In the moment get only back, the matched item. How can I do it?

( Agent )

Nov 02, 2017

For one item that you scan you will get all the results that are a match with their corresponding scores, check out the recognition API: you should get a json with all the results.

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Nov 07, 2017

thanks for feedback. Yes thats right. but I need the count of founded.
so if I have two bottles (the same) in front of me and both are in my list. Then I get back that he find the label. That is ok, but then I need also the information that he found the label and that I have 2 bottles with this label a in front of me.
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( Agent )
Zsofia Kerekes

Nov 07, 2017

Hi David,

Unfortunately, we do not count instances of the same object as of now.

E.g. we can detect multiple products in the same camera view, that you can list, but we cannot count for you the exact quantity of them. (For example, you can say there is A, B and C products in the camera image, but not say that there is 3 of A, 2 pieces of B, 4 pieces of C, etc.)

Similarly, even if there is only one type of object, you could not say how many of them are appearing in the camera view, so you would be able to recognize and identify which bottles they are, but would not know how many of them are there.

Sorry about that and please check back with us in the future should that capability be enabled at some point. Also, let us know if we can help with any other use case we better support as of now, such as wine scanning apps to help your customers shop.

Best wishes,

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