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Android On device image recognition SDK feature

Kuntal Sarkar Aug 02, 2017


We are developing an android application and we are using Catchoom IR SDK. We are using on device image recognition.

Now the problem is that we want to replace the "" runtime. But as the "" kept within asset folder and the asset folder is read only. So we cannot replace it runtime.

Code to add bundle : collectionManager.addCollection("", (AddCollectionListener)this);

Here we want a solution from you, so that we can keep the "" in our desired folder (located in internal or external storage of the phone).

For you information we have seen that bundle can be downloaded from your server using following code

CraftAROnDeviceCollection.addCollectionWithToken(String token,AddCollectionListener listener);

But we want our server download the bundle from catchoom. Then our server expose an url, from where our app get the bundle and replace the existing bundle runtime.

To do so we need to place the bundle in a writable folder in android. I am not sure whether your SDK support to keep the "" in any other folder rather than asset folder. If not than could you customize the SDK to support the same.

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Luis Martinell

Aug 03, 2017


You can add bundles with a token or just synchronize them. They will directly download from CraftAR, is this a big problem for you?

Best regards,

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Kuntal Sarkar

Aug 18, 2017

Hi Luis Martinell .
Thanks for the reply. Actually we are developing a product in which we want the following workflow.
Bundle will be downloaded from catchoom by our backend server. Then our android app will get the bundil from the backend server only. Since android asset is a read only folder so we cannot replace the bundle.

Because of this if possible the we can keep the bundle in other folder(created after installation of the app). So here we want a custom SDK method which will accept the custom location of the bundle.

Please let me know the possibility of this.

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( Agent )
Luis Martinell

Aug 18, 2017

Hi Kuntal,

I’m afraid this can’t be done right now. Sounds like a reasonable feature request, though. We’ll consider it for the future.

What you can do is to override the syncUrl which is used to pull the on-device bundles from the CraftAR Service and use your backend to return the same response replacing the bundle url when calling “addCollectionWithToken…”:

Best regards!


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